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Winter coats or any coat for that matter can be plain, but with just a little touch of fur you have bit of pizzazz!  Fur can be on the collar, cuffs or even fully lined!  It can spruce up an older coat, and give it a whole new look.  Then of course there’s the faux fur, and the animal print faux fur.


Here’s a few “Eye Candies” for your pleasure.


Made for the colder temperatures, this heavy textured wool coat has beauty and elegance when it’s topped off with a wide mink collar.



For those evenings out, we have a lighter weight faille in a neutral tone, with a mink collar that is done in a bit of a “wrap” style going down the front slightly.



These next two beauties are featured on our “COMING ATTRACTIONS”.  Both are stroller length.  The first is a Cheetah print done in a super plush faux fur.



Next we have my favorite, which is a Russian Lynx faux fur.  Simply gorgeous and luxurious.



Both are stunning examples of what can be done in a faux fur fabric and are a much better choice than the real thing, and much more economical.