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We’re Migrating & Assimilating

Scorpio Vintage has been a long time seller of high quality vintage clothing on Ebay…but we’ve decided to combine, upgrade, and assimilate with our other store THE ONLY HULA HUT, which now has been renamed to:  THE HULA HUT & MORE STORE (actually reads thehulahutandmorestore).  Along with our Hula Hut partner, we will combine three stores into ONE!

When Scorpio Vintage current listings end, they will be moved to the existing store, along with some fabulous items from our recent buying trips.  Just wait till you see the Chanel shoes, and the St. John Knits we’ve acquired.

For now, I just wish to thank each and every one of my customers, and hope that you’ll continue to purchases from our newer and improved store.  Here’s that last look at current items offered from Scorpio Vintage….Next month look out world.

Not Listed Yet, but here’s some “Sneak Peeks” at new items Soon to be listed in THE HULA HUT. (no links yet)



“Pretty in Pink”

Remember the 80’s movie starring Molly Ringwald, along with several other teenagers that went on the great careers in Hollywood.  It’s the story of teenage high school prom romance that featured a great pink dress that became Iconic.

Pink is symbolic of pure love, for example & is normally the color associated with girls and femininity. Pink is considered a color of good health and life – we speak of people being “in the pink” or the “freshness” of a newborn babe.

In 1947, fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli introduced the color “hot pink” to western fashion. She dubbed the shade “Shocking Pink,” though today the color is more well-known as “magenta.”   Here are some “pinks” from SCORPIO VINTAGE

Scorpio Vintage has it’s OWN Site!

Tooting my own horn I know, but just want to let you all know that the site is up and running with items being added daily.  We still offer the same high  quality and great service.  We even have layaway (with conditions of course).  Come see us at our new home!

Here’s a lovely all silk dress from Oleg Cassini Boutique.  Finishing quality is outstanding.

Another favorite designer I love is Lilli Ann.  Perfect Fall fare is this charcoal knit jacket from the 60’s

One of my all time favorites is this 60’s ethnic Ecuadorian wool dress, with gorgeous hand embroidery

We look forward to seeing you and serving you at our new site.